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Our Employees

We are proud of our talented and dedicated employees

Our Employees

Employee of the Month

Susan Lopez Employee of the Month February 2018
Susan Lopez - February 2018

Susan Lopez embodies the definition of what the employee on the month means. She has a sense of ownership, and urgency in maintaining standards, and exceeding expectations. She is always willing to help out. Whether it’s jumping on the line, coming in on a day off, or working a double. Susan goes above and beyond, and does it all with a positive attitude.

Employee of the Year

Olga Huerta, Marketing Associate Employee of the Year 2017
Olga Huerta, Marketing Associate - Employee of the Year 2017

Olga has been a member of The Palazzo Team since day one and continues to impress her colleagues and the entire Management Team. Olga is exactly what any Manager looks for in an outstanding employee. Olga never hesitates to pitch in to assist, no matter what the task and has never asked for anything in return nor does she even think that any of these extras are outside of her scope of daily responsibilities. “It’s just part of the job in keeping the residents happy” is her standard response. And speaking of the residents, everyone LOVES Olga. Olga is a surrogate daughter and true friend to each and every resident at The Palazzo and the Marketing Team would not be as strong without her guidance, great suggestions and absolute TEAM SPIRIT!!!!

Frank Flores Employee of the Month January 2018
Frank Flores - January 2018