Care for Your Loved One’s – Ways to Reduce Chances of Malnutrition in Senior People

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Old age comes with its own set of weaknesses and disadvantages. The impact of aging on health may include weak memory, achy joints, and an overall fading health.

Malnutrition is one of many factors attributed to old age. Malnutrition in old people is not quite the same as in young people. When the body stops receiving the nutrients it requires, it leads to malnutrition in extreme cases. However, old age makes elderly people more prone to it due to their already deteriorating health state.



  • When people reach old age, they usually lose interest in many activities, primarily because of their health, and disturbed mental state. 
  • Senses start weakening when people reach old age. Their senses become dull, especially their sense of taste, which is why they lose their motivation to eat.
  • Old people are mostly suffering from some health issues, which require them to take medication on a regular basis. However, medications have a side effect, which may affect their appetite, disturb their digestion and leave a bitter taste in mouth.
  • Weak gums and aching teeth may sometimes keep them from eating properly.
  • Living in old houses or all alone affects their emotional state a lot. It is normal that an old person may want someone to sit with them and eat. However, this does not happen usually. The loneliness takes away their desire to eat.
  • Memory problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, leaves them in a confused state, as whether or not to eat.
  • Lastly, old people are subjected to depression easily. And depression affects one’s health and eating habits greatly.

However, there are always ways, which can help in reducing the chances of malnutrition in senior people. We are listing down the top ways to reduce the chances of senior malnutrition



  • Exercise helps in boosting up one’s mood and appetite. You can encourage the elderly people to exercise a little everyday to promote a feeling of goodness.
  • Prepare a diet plan for them that include fruits, nuts, butter, cheese, meat and grams. In addition, when preparing meal, try to add herbs and spices in them to bring the flavors out for their dulled taste buds. Present the food in an appealing way so it looks tempting and nice.
  • Plan events with their senior friends and turn those events into an eating gathering where they all sit and eat together. Make sure to do this on weekly basis, as it will also help them cope with their depression.
  • Add supplements to their meals to promote rejuvenation of health. However, do consult the doctors before choosing any nutritional supplement for them.
  • Develop the habit of midday snacking in them so they can keep taking small doses of calories and carbs, throughout the day.

Facts to Know about Assisted Living for Seniors

June 14, 2017 in: Facts to Know about Assisted Living for Seniors,

Many people who start searching for senior care and living options mistakenly think that Assisted Living for seniors is the same as a nursing home. But the reality is very different from this misconception. Assisted living for seniors is extremely different from any other senior health care type, because of the following factors:

All Assisted Living Centers are not the same

There is not a set definition given to assisted living centers, thus communities calling themselves as an Assisted Living facility can offer significantly different levels of care and services.

These centers usually offer inexpensive residential places for elders and deliver services similar to those offered in a skilled nursing institution. Assisted Living centers provide care to elders by either employing personal staff or by contracting some home health agency or other professionals.

Some Assisted living institutions provide lighter care while others even provide care for those who cannot get out of their bed or eat by themselves.

Cost of Assisted Living

Assisted living costs are not specific and tend to vary from institution to institution. Usually, the following factors determine the cost of assisted living for a senior:

  • Type and quality of residence
  • The size of room 
  • Types of services offered to or needed by the elderly person
  • Geographical location of the institution

Many Assisted living centers charge a basic rate that covers a complete package of services. These centers charge an additional fee for special services. Mostly, an assisted living community charges monthly, but there can be long-term options available as well.

Assisted Living and Nursing home are different from each other

Nursing homes are different from assisted living communities. They provide 24/7 skilled nurses for taking care of the elderly people who requires a lot of assistance and medical care. Some nursing homes even provide short term stays for rehabilitation, for those elders who are recovering from some injury or illness. Those residents that stay for a longer period of time usually have high care requirements and complex medical conditions and they cannot be associated with an unprofessional caretaker.

While the assisted living communities are designed for those people who do not need a lot of assistance for their day to day operations and prefer living independently. An assisted living community has a caretaker staff and some programs that help in supporting the daily life by caring for elders in a home like setting.

Alzheimer’s Patients care

Alzheimer’s disease is not just limited to forgetting names and things. It can have other potentially harmful issues as well like an empty bank account because Alzheimer patients are at a greater risk of being scammed.

Assisted living centers for elders may include people with Alzheimer's disease but it usually depends on the services they offer. Some assisted living institutions might not take such people, so you will have to check out what your local assisted living centers has to say about this issue.

In short, assisted living facilities do not have skilled nursing staff. Instead they have some caretakers who help the elderly in their daily life activities, like cooking food for them or helping them change their clothes. Thus, such facilities should not be mistaken with a sophisticated nursing home. Find out more on how assisted living centers are beneficial for elders on our webite.

Why Moving to an Assisted Living Facility Makes Good Sense

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Once your kids have grown up and moved on with their own families, it gets more and more difficult to keep up with them. At some point, you’ll realize that you need constant support and living on your own at an older age is simply not the right decision. Even the simplest tasks become a struggle and even though you might have your partner with you, it’s not going to be easy. That’s why you should consider moving into a assisted living facility which is structured to aid elderly in every way they need.  assisted living facility

What is an assisted living facility?

 An assisted living facilityis a place that provides all the facilities to aid seniors and provide them with a suitable community and social settings to persevere. Some assisted living facilities are even dedicated towards providing additional services for seniors such as memory care and skilled nursing, that includes helping people with permanent disabilities, offering a suitable environment for each group of people needing those services.  

Why assisted living facility?

Fewer responsibilities therefore lesser stress

The more responsibilities anyone takes on, the more stress they’ll be under. Responsibilities, in case of aged people who have become far less inclined towards taking care of their home and dealing with bills, maintenance, etc, making the move to a top flight assisted living facility will give them the privilege of letting go of some burdens and not having to worry or directly deal with as many things, such as taking care of one's home or being alone all the time. 


One of the major factors of taking care of elderly are their meals. Everyone has different needs and are sensitive towards different foods. It’s important to keep up meal routines accordingly and make sure a senior's health is okay. Regular meals often include taking care of what their requirements are, and how much they choose to eat.


The best part about an assisted living facility is that they keep up constant activities that help in building confidence. These activities are often focused on strengthening factors that often decline with age and try to keep them occupied in a fun and interesting way. For example, memory building exercises help aged people who suffer from deteriorating memory or even Alzheimer.

Assisted living facility normally provide several other facilities that prevent its residents from feeling lonely. as well as having possible medical care that they may require. If you are having trouble finding a good facility, simply visit The Palazzo in Phoenix, AZ, and check out their excellent services. This beautiful center is surrounded with greenery and  it provides amenities and care in any way its residents they may need. With several events offered each month, with both independent living,as well as assisted living choices, The Palazzo is built to provide its residents with first class living, comfort, and the wonderful amenties that come with it.   

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