Top Signs of Alzheimer’s Development

December 02, 2016 in: Top Signs of Alzheimer's Development,

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s are different than the simple progression of some loss of memory most people experience as they grow older.

Alzheimer’s, either slowly or quickly, negatively affects a person’s communication, ability to make decisions, think through problems and to learn new basics tasks. This reduction in a person’s day to day living and functioning skills impacts their ability to work, social and to interact with their family.   

There is no fixed set of rules for normal memory loss due to aging and for memory loss due to Alzheimer’s. The best thing to do to make sure is to see the person’s doctor and complete and assessment of the person’s issues to see if it’s dementia or aging memory loss.  Listed here are the Alzheimer’s Association’s checklist of symptoms that are helpful and successful at helping people see their loved one’s regular ageing changes in memory and the more serious signals that a person may have Alzheimer’s.

  1. Pulling away from social events
  2. Struggles develop with seeing items and understanding space between them each
  3. Behavior and Moodiness become erratic
  4. Losing things and remember where one was becomes commonplace
  5. Struggles develop with thinking capabilities
  6. Lack of judgment becomes par for the course
  7. Struggles develop around place and time
  8. Development of speaking and writing capability issues
  9. Problems develop with doing basic day to day tasks
  10. Loss of Memory

Phoenix, AZ, assisted living facility The Palazzo understands how difficult it can be when a loved one begins to develop signs of Alzheimer's. When the time comes when a family member's Alzheimer's has progressed where it it has become to difficult to continue to provide care for we suggest that you consult with their doctor and then if it makes sense, come see us to discuss the possiblity about moving forward with moving your family member into our memory care facility. 

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