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Facts You Think You Know About Senior Assisted Living Facilities Which Are Not True

March 06, 2017 in: Facts You Think You Know About Senior Assisted Living Facilities Which Are Not True,

When it comes to assisted living facilities/communities for seniors the bottom line is they are designed to help people keep their independence but still provide the care required, physical activities and camaraderie of living around people instead of living alone. Senior assisted living communities are on a full time mission to provide a nice setting where residents are cared for at the level needed and enjoy the feeling similar to being in one’s own home.

Senior assisted living communities provide tons of pluses, but making the move to one is hard for both the senior and their loved ones. Featured here are things people think are the case about senior living facilities, but simply are not true. Those untrue things are as follows:

As Soon As You Move Into a Senior Living Facility Your Old Hobbies Go Out the Window - The fact is for almost everyone,who moves into an assisted living facility they end up being busier than when they lived alone by themself.  Assisted living facilities offer tons of activities such as workout classes, socials, outings and clubs of different assortments.  It’s a fact that people who are involved in activities and social events have shown to be more positive, in a better happy frame of mind most of the time and quite often healthier.

Living Without Your Family Nearby Equals No Help - The fact is that Senior Living Facilities have staff on hand to assist its residents when they need help with built in living features to make sure each person is both safe and out of harm's way all the time. The dangers of living alone are a thing of the past once a person moves in because senior living facilities are there to provide the care needed 24/7. There are built in safeguard to provide help and care needed when the moment arises.

Moving into a Senior Assisted Living Facility Means Your Independence and Personal Privacy is in the Past - The fact is when you move into a Senior Assisted Living Facility, privacy comes first. The key to success and happiness once the move is made and you have moved in is getting your privacy, which you get immediately the moment the door to your apartment is closed. Your space is truly yours. In almost all instances, in most places there are several floorplans to choose from, each apartment has its own separate entrance and each door has its own lockset with its own key. Your apartment is yours without a doubt.

Aging means life is going to change, but certainly not for the worse, just different. People need to know that the change that comes with aging is not a lonely endeavor that you have to deal with on your own. The fact is senior assisted living facilities offer a way to continue to live a quality life, but with the help you need when it is needed.

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