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Care for Your Loved One’s – Ways to Reduce Chances of Malnutrition in Senior People

June 15, 2017 in: Ways to Reduce Chances of Malnutrition in Senior People,

Old age comes with its own set of weaknesses and disadvantages. The impact of aging on health may include weak memory, achy joints, and an overall fading health.

Malnutrition is one of many factors attributed to old age. Malnutrition in old people is not quite the same as in young people. When the body stops receiving the nutrients it requires, it leads to malnutrition in extreme cases. However, old age makes elderly people more prone to it due to their already deteriorating health state.



  • When people reach old age, they usually lose interest in many activities, primarily because of their health, and disturbed mental state. 
  • Senses start weakening when people reach old age. Their senses become dull, especially their sense of taste, which is why they lose their motivation to eat.
  • Old people are mostly suffering from some health issues, which require them to take medication on a regular basis. However, medications have a side effect, which may affect their appetite, disturb their digestion and leave a bitter taste in mouth.
  • Weak gums and aching teeth may sometimes keep them from eating properly.
  • Living in old houses or all alone affects their emotional state a lot. It is normal that an old person may want someone to sit with them and eat. However, this does not happen usually. The loneliness takes away their desire to eat.
  • Memory problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, leaves them in a confused state, as whether or not to eat.
  • Lastly, old people are subjected to depression easily. And depression affects one’s health and eating habits greatly.

However, there are always ways, which can help in reducing the chances of malnutrition in senior people. We are listing down the top ways to reduce the chances of senior malnutrition



  • Exercise helps in boosting up one’s mood and appetite. You can encourage the elderly people to exercise a little everyday to promote a feeling of goodness.
  • Prepare a diet plan for them that include fruits, nuts, butter, cheese, meat and grams. In addition, when preparing meal, try to add herbs and spices in them to bring the flavors out for their dulled taste buds. Present the food in an appealing way so it looks tempting and nice.
  • Plan events with their senior friends and turn those events into an eating gathering where they all sit and eat together. Make sure to do this on weekly basis, as it will also help them cope with their depression.
  • Add supplements to their meals to promote rejuvenation of health. However, do consult the doctors before choosing any nutritional supplement for them.
  • Develop the habit of midday snacking in them so they can keep taking small doses of calories and carbs, throughout the day.

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