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Why Seniors Love Assisted Living – The Social Scene

July 07, 2017 in: Why Seniors Love Assisted Living – The Social Scene ,

“I Would Rather Live in a Nursing Facility” as opposed to “Don’t Leave Me at a Home” is a sentence that people rarely heard back in the days. However, today, elders prefer assisted living more than home care. So, why do elders prefer this? One would say that there’s nothing better than the comfort of a home.

The problem is, when our grandparents demand more attention, it puts a strain on our daily lives. There might be times when you are not available at the house and your grandmother needs immediate care. They might forget to take their medicines or get into some kind of trouble, where they are unable to make contact. There are dozens of scenarios that can cost them their health or life.  

Studies have proved that the vitality of life is directly related to physical activity and surrounding yourself with good company. The social science behind elders preferring assisted living is that they get to live their life more vicariously. According to a study on “Activity Program for Older People” published in “Animals of Family Medicine”, seniors respond positively to social interactions and fun filled activities. The study concluded that social activity can improve quality of live and mood in elders with depressive symptoms.

Following are the reasons why seniors love assisted living:

Intellectual Stimulation

It is highly important for elders to take part in intellectual stimulations to prevent dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of dementia in the US. At home, elders are unable to get the attention they require. At assisted living homes, they are involved in games like Sudoku, chess, art classes, etc. There are even book clubs and guest lectures’ they can join for knowledge. This is where they get to interact with other people and build new relationships.

Opportunities for Social Interactions

Most of the assisted living homes provide elders with opportunities to interact with other elders through cultural events, dance parties and field trips. This not only keeps their mood elevated but also gives them the feeling of independence.

Feelings of Safety

When elders start seeing themselves as a burden on their children, they stop asking them for help. Their mood sours day after day and they can fall into depression. Since, assisted living is created for the sole purpose of providing help to elders, they are more vocal here. Their healthy routine is managed from the moment they wake up to the point when they fall asleep. It’s natural that they will feel safer in an environment surrounded with new friends and plenty of freedom.

Supervised Nutrition’s

“The Way to a Person’s Heart, Is Through Their Stomach”. At home, it’s difficult and time consuming for people to make separate meals for their elders. Often, in haste, elders are presented with a meal they do not like. In assisted living, every person’s meal choice is taken into consideration and they are provided with the opportunity to make their own plate. The more healthy and nutritious food they will eat, the more happy they will be.

When a person reaches a certain age, where they are no longer to do things freely as they once did, they begin feeling useless. Assisted living helps elders by rewarding them their freedom back. They get to experience a new lifestyle, where they are able to make new relationships. When their social life takes a turn for the better, their spirits lift up and they are able to live a quality life.

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