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Why People are Living Longer Today

July 17, 2017 in: Why People are Living Longer Today,

During the 20th century, life expectancy increased drastically. The major reasons why lifespan has increased are better healthcare facilities, clinical technology progress as well as the introduction of antibiotics.

But it still makes one wonder, that what exactly did humans do which increased their lifespan drastically? To put your questions to rest, featured here are is a formulated  list of reasons why lives are longer today.

Clinical improvement

Most of the people up until the 20th century died at a much younger age mainly because they did not have proper treatments and medication for a particular disease. Something as minor as measles and influenza could cause death because no antibodies could fight the virus. Availability of medication for almost all diseases--whether chronic or not--has worked in favor of better life expectancy rates.

Better sanitation

Compared to no concept of sanitation, in most parts of the world today, sanitation is taken very seriously. It is ensured that inhabitants of an area receive chlorinated, clean water for their daily use as well as for drinking. Hygienic conditions automatically reduce the chances of developing a virus.

 Conscious efforts

People are becoming more aware of how important it is to rethink their eating habits. More and more people over the decades have started to prefer healthier food which, of course, in turn keeps them fit and going.

Safer birth rate

With better availability of machinery as well as specialized doctors, chances of infant mortality and fetus mortality have relatively been reduced. Additionally, many diseases which were not curable earlier can now be cured and prevented with the help of vaccinations ultimately contributing to better life expectancy.

If given the right care, attention and facilities, life expectancy can easily be increased. Countries such as Japan and Honk Kong that top the life expectancy list have inhabitants that have healthier lifestyles. According to experts, at The Palazzo and Montecito, heilityces of a caregiver. o help youlife expectancy is dramatically increasing every year and some of the key reasons are mentioned above. If you are looking for a community to live in after retirement with all the luxurious and modern facilities then contact The Palazzo in Phoenix, AZ and The Montecito in Santa Fe, NM to ensure that you make the right choice.

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