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What Is Memory Care?

August 18, 2017 in: What Is Memory Care?,

With time, several issues that were previously undetected are brought to the surface. Memory impairment was once considered a characteristic attached to old age only. However, issues related to mental illness have gained recognition in the recent times due to increased awareness about mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Individuals suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s experience memory loss. In severe cases, the disease eliminates the memory of even their loved ones and they are unable to recognize themselves. Performing basic functions and routine chores becomes a huge challenge for them. This is why welfare communities focus on establishing mental health care centers to facilitate these members of the society.

However, memory impairment requires specific kind of living conditions that would help the patients to recover from memory loss and retain as much information as their minds allow.

Initially, memory care centers offer an assisted living facility to the individuals going through memory impairment alongside other facilities that would allow them to live an easy and engaging life.

The primary purpose is to bring together those who are going through a similar situation in order for them to feel better. This also makes it more convenient for the facilities to tend to the needs of these members of the society, individually and collectively.

Assisted living allows these members to live unanimously, under one roof. This living environment is conceptually similar to group therapies where the caretakers conduct engaging and interactive activities that are based on the old hobbies of the patients. Interactive activities such as talking about their childhood, living with parents, school life and former friends allow them to recall some aspects of their lives. These activities work as recurring and routinely reminders.

After covering the basics, they are reminded about some of their routine hobbies such as watching their favorite TV shows, knitting and crafting, pottery, and board games. Even assisted cooking for those who enjoyed kitchen time once are carried out with caution and consistent vigilance. These activities are meant to monitor their motor and cognitive skills.

As we speak about motor skills, it must be kept in mind that these individuals have a depreciating sense of self-awareness and independence. This is why memory care facilities provide a comprehensive assistance and supervision in supporting these individuals to carry out basic functions such as brushing their teeth, combing their hair and sometimes they even require assistance with eating. The reason why assisted living benefits these individuals is due to a collective care is taken for their medication that provides them with stability and keeps at bay negative thoughts and emotions.

Memory care facilities are equipped with emergency alert facilities that allow them to keenly watch over the senior members and assist them in urgent scenarios. Since memory care centers are well-equipped with means of immediate assistance, they have become renowned in rehabilitating individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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