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What to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility

August 08, 2017 in: What to look for in an assisted living facility,

For many people, an assisted living facility is a preferable choice than living in their own home. There are various reasons as to why these spaces attract a large number of people. While decreased living cost and effortless life are the main factors in someones decision to move into a care facility, an aspect worth noticing is that every assisted living facility is different. There are no strict criteria about how an assisted living facilities should be. It is, therefore, necessary on your part to carefully evaluate all the available choices before making any decision.

A few compulsory things that an assisted living facility should definitely have are mentioned in this article. If you are searching for a satisfactory, reliable and friendly assisted living facility, look for the following aspects.

Location of the facility:

The most basic and important aspect when selecting an assisted living facility is its location.

Make sure that the facility is not far from a clinic or hospital. When choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one, make sure that it is within reasonably close proximity to your home, if possible.

The environment of the facility:

  • Another necessary aspect to notice in an assisted living center is its environment.
  • Is the facility clean and tidy?
  • Is there any greenery or a yard in the facility?
  • Are the hallway and sitting areas well lit?
  • Ensure that the facility has a welcoming and friendly environment.

The staff of the assisted living center:

When visiting the assisted living facility, observe the behavior of the staff with residents and with each other. Ask the management about night shift staff. Is the staff trained enough to deal with any emotional outburst or unpleasant event? Is staff available at all times? Make sure that the staff  is not only competent enough in providing care but also warm and considerate towards the elder residents.

The quality of meals given to the residents:

It is also important to pay attention to the quality of meals available at the facility. Are the meals provided at particular times only? Is there any dining area in the facility? Ask the management about the meal plans. Who decides what will be cooked? What if a resident wants a special meal to be prepared for him/her? Make sure that their kitchen is tidy and that their food isn’t poor in taste and/or quality.

Provided rooms:

Before selecting the assisted living facility, visit the rooms that will be allotted to your loved one(s). Make sure that it is not suffocating and has proper furniture. Is the bed comfortable enough? Is the room well lit? Is there an attached washroom with it? Make sure the room is on par with living standards that your or your loved one is comfortable with.

The degree of personal care given:

The extent to which personal care will be provided is also a determining factor when selecting an assisted living center. How will the staff deal with an emergency that arises at midnight? Do they monitor changes in the health and behavior of every individual resident?

All these things can help you decide on a particular assisted living facility. You can get all these facilities and many other services at The Montecito of Santa Fe.

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