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Top Ten Reasons a Memory Care Facility Is the Best Choice over In-Home Care

September 15, 2017 in: Top Ten Reasons a Memory Care Facility Is the Best Choice over In-Home Care,

According to research by the US Department of Health and Human Services, at one point in life, people above the age of 65 will need long-term care. When we feel that our elders are no longer capable of taking care of themselves, caregivers are appointed. The question here is – which is better: memory care facility or in-home care?

What exactly is the difference between the two? Well, a memory care facility is where senior citizens live with other senior citizens. These facilities are designed like a retreat, where they get to meet new people, visit new places and have a social life with people belonging to the same circle. On the other hand, in-home care is 24/7 care, where either the caregiver lives with the senior citizen or is always available for help.

The following are ten reasons why a memory care facility is better than in-home care:

1. Better Medical Care

You never know what might happen to the person who is old and suffering from Alzheimer’s. They can hurt themselves in numerous ways that you cannot imagine. At times like these, waiting for an ambulance can prove to be fatal, and taking them to the hospital yourself can be stressful. In a memory care facility, they are monitored round-the-clock, and the facility has all the medical equipment that is required to treat the person.

2. Better Security

Around 60% patients of Alzheimer’s like to wander. This can be extremely dangerous as their memory is already compromised and in such a state, they are harmful to themselves and other people. An in-home caregiver cannot always stand vigilant by the senior’s side and keep an eye on them and neither can you. A memory care facility takes security measures such as keypad access doors, surveillance cameras and guards at the entrance.

3. Amenities

Patients with Alzheimer’s are prone to falling, which often results in bruises that agitate the patient when they can’t remember them. From the hallways to their rooms and bathroom, everything is customized according to the state of the patient. Doing these kind of renovations in your house can be quite expensive.

4. Mental and Physical Exercise

At a memory care facility, patients get the kind of treatment, which cannot be given at home. This includes physical and mental therapy, support groups and games to flex brain muscles.

5. Entertainment

Yes, patients with Alzheimer’s don’t remember much, but a little physical stimulus will keep them in good spirits and improve their mood, which is not possible at home due to safety reasons.

6. Socially Active

According to Alzheimer’s association, social activities can help prevent Alzheimer’s from escalating into dementia. At home, this is not possible because most family members are busy at work, and hardly pay any attention once a caregiver is appointed.

7. Independence

Even when they come to a lucid state, patients of Alzheimer’s like to feel independent. At a memory care facility, nurses can give them this by taking them out under supervision.

8. Multiple Helping Hands

At a house, a caregiver might get exhausted with taking care of a patient and acquiescing to the same demands over and over again. At a memory care facility, there are numerous people, all experienced in how to pacify a mentally ill person.

9. Healthy Diet

It can be mentally exhausting to cook a meal that is not liked by a person who has simply forgotten that they wanted to eat it just a few hours ago. The facility not only allows the patient to choose their liking of food, but also keeps track of their health, which plays a large role in keeping them grounded.

10. Cost Comparison

Memory Care Facility: $3,500

In-Home Care: $953

(This does not include security services, 3 meals a day, utilities, health aide visitations, housekeeping, personal care, emergency care and social and entertainment)

When the above services are included, this amount reaches up to $7,124.

*This is an average estimate for both options.

So, there you go. Ten reasons why a memory care facility is better than in-home care. With so many benefits available at the former, the latter definitely falls short in satisfying the patient and their loved ones mentally.

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