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Top Reasons Why Skilled Nursing Care Should be Provided at a Senior Living Facility

October 06, 2017 in: skilled nursing care,

What is Skilled Nursing Care?

Skilled nursing care is medical care that is provided by trained individuals over a short amount of time for rehabilitation from injury or illness. The service may be provided long-term to people who need care around the clock due to aging or a chronic medical condition. Some of the services that are provided in a skilled nursing care are intravenous (IV) therapy, injections, wound care, and physical therapy. If you are still not sure, then it is important you know that there are a lot of benefits of living in a skilled nursing facility.

Here are some of the reasons why:

To Get Access to a Variety of Healthcare Services

People prefer skilled nursing care because the professional there are available 24/7, who are looking after your medical needs and are watching out for any signs of changes in your health that needs to be monitored. While you are at an SNF, you will see your health care professionals more frequently, which is great for senior citizens who need to see their health care providers at least once during the week.

To Provide Help for Everyday Tasks

SNFs have professionals that help with everyday tasks like eating, dressing, walking, and bathing, which is great for the elderly that need help from someone for housekeeping, cooking, and doing chores like washing the dishes and doing laundry.

To help People Be Physically Active

Often times, elderly don’t receive adequate exercise or movement because there is a risk for them to fall down. SNFs have trained individuals that help people to engage in exercise and provide the following services:

  • Assistance with walking
  • Exercise classes such as aerobics, yoga, and Zumba.
  • Light exercises
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehab programs
  • Stretching exercises
  • Swimming classes

To Give Constant Support and a Chance to Socialize

It is often seen that the elderly feel alone and isolated because of which they become depressed. One good thing about SNFs is a senior living facility is that they provide ample opportunities to the people to make friends and organizes social activities like foreign language classes, community outings, and music programs that give people a chance to socialize.

To Make Sure That the Dietary Needs Of the Residents are Met

Most of the elderly have specific dietary needs that need to be met with, which is important for their health and vitality. In an SNF all the meals are provided to the residents while keeping the special needs such as making comprehensive carbohydrate diet for diabetics in mind. In addition to this, the services have health professionals who in touch with staff dieticians that are constantly reviewing your diet and make appropriate changes where needed.

When Should You Consider A SNF?

SNFs are recommended for the elderly after a surgery or hospitalization or people that have symptoms related to dementia or stroke and are in need of constant care that can’t be provided by family members.

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