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How to Determine the Best Independent Living Facility for You

October 30, 2017 in: Independent living,

It isn’t easy to leave your home in which you’ve spent your golden days. However, it eventually becomes a necessity when you can’t manage the big house and different tasks on your own. You can opt for an independent living or assisted living facility depending on the condition of your health.

An independent living facility maintains your independence and allows you to live life on your own terms. It ensures you don’t have to take care of tasks such as maintenance of your house and provides you with a safe place to live. It also gives you the opportunity to live close to people of your same age group and indulge in healthy activities.

Here are some factors you need to consider before opting for an independent living facility.


The location of a living facility matters the most in taking the right decision. Make up your mind about the setting you intend to live in. It is recommended that you live close to your family members so that you can meet them frequently.

Moreover, check the neighborhood to ensure you can live at peace. Living in an unsafe neighborhood isn’t considered a good idea since your possessions will be at stake. Look around for opportunities of recreational activities such as parks where you can take a walk.

Living Costs:

It is extremely important to ensure that you can afford the expenses of living in an independent facility. Compare the costs with that of living at your own home. The cost of housing varies with location as well as the facilities provided there.  Choose a community that gives a good value for your money.

Compare the costs of different living facilities and choose one that offers required facilities within your budget. Plan it well so that you can live at the facility for long without facing financial or health issues.


A suitable independent living facility is one where you get to live in a good environment. Make sure that the staff is attentive and can address any issues you may face in future. Moreover, you should communicate with other people living within the facility to get an even better idea of how the community is.

Go for a facility where the staff and the other people are friendly. If you don’t feel welcome at the facility due to the behavior of staff or other residents, it may not be a good idea to move.


When you compare multiple living communities, create a list of amenities provided there. Make sure that the size of the house is large enough to accommodate your belongings and allows you to live conveniently. Consider health programs offered to keep you fit and active. Many communities also arrange regular events and excursions for residents.

Think of activities you enjoy and ensure that the independent living community offers opportunities for experiencing them. If you prefer socializing, make sure that there are abundant opportunities to meet other people and make some new friends.

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