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Top Reasons Why Moving to Phoenix to Retire at an Independent Living Facility Makes Amazing Sense

November 13, 2017 in: Independent Living in Phoenix, AZ,

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the best getaway spots in the country for people of all ages. There are plenty of reasons seniors from all over the country consider this place the number one destination for them to put down roots. The comforting Arizona heat and a wide array of tourist attractions make this city not only an appealing destination for seniors but for people of all ages as well.

Independent living facilities here keep the seniors engaged in a healthy lifestyle of social interaction, leisure activities, event celebrations and doing all that they love to do. One of the best things about independent living facilities in Arizona is the facilitation for seniors to choose a lifestyle of their preference. Some take up painting again, some like exploring the richness of the quiet state of Arizona while others like spending sunny afternoons on the patio. Let’s go through the top reasons that make moving to Phoenix to retire at an independent living facility a good idea:

Degree of freedom

The independent living facilities in Arizona provide all senior residents a great degree of freedom and encourage them to pursue activities of their liking. The apartments are completely maintenance free for the residence and offer a wide range of activities to get involved in order to keep the seniors active.

Senior living facilities elsewhere tend to part in their method of residence as they lack activities or don’t leave any tasks for the seniors to do at all. Arizona realizes that being idle is not good for the mental and physical well being of seniors. Seniors here are free to come and go as they please, to socialize with the neighbors and carry out the recreational activities of their choice.

Various lifestyles in various areas

Arizona draws a lot of seniors every year because no matter what kind of lifestyle you’re accustomed to, you can find it here in Arizona. Seniors who’ve selflessly spent their lives parenting and working in a busy city may require a stimulating environment for their retirement as well. Those who like the hustle and bustle of city life can enjoy the fast pace of Phoenix.

Whereas those inclined towards a quieter or perhaps a more artistic community can come to Sedona. Additionally, residents at Scottsdale can enjoy a high-end luxurious lifestyle. However, the best part is that no matter where seniors reside in Arizona, they can take small vacations to any of these different cities for a pleasant change of pace.

Financial advantages

Aside from a life of recreation, the State of Arizona has some major financial benefits for the seniors on practical grounds. Arizona charges no tax on the Social Security income that the seniors receive so they can enjoy their retirement income in its entirety.

 Furthermore, there are no gift taxes and no estate taxes to be paid either. Those looking to buy a private residential property are in for a treat too since the housing in Arizona is extremely affordable. In fact, just last year the Phoenix metro area was ranked the eighth most affordable big city in the country for buying a house.

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