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Top 10 Exercise Programs Seniors Can Participate in Safely

December 12, 2017 in: Exercise Programs for Seniors,

With a physically active lifestyle, senior health problems can be avoided such as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, diabetes, inflammation and development of cancer cells. Physical activity also successfully builds strength and stamina and keeps away unnecessary fatigue that seniors experience.

For a physically active lifestyle, here are the top 10 exercise programs seniors can participate in safely:

1. Aerobics

Aerobics is a vigorous physical activity without the threat of straining muscles. Mild to moderate level of intensity in aerobics allows seniors to burn calories, keep cholesterol and blood pressure low, enhance heart health, sustain smooth movement and sustain overall stamina. Moderate aerobic/ endurance activities for elderly people include tennis, swimming, brisk walking, and light jogging. Best way to begin is to exercise for 5 minutes and then gradually adding more minutes with progress.

2. Arm Raises

Arm raises are light yet effective exercises for seniors. Since it is a mild exercise, it doesn’t exert too much pressure on the muscle and avoids the risk of strains. This exercise builds forearm strength. Adding weights can amplify the effectiveness.

3. Leg Raises

Leg raises is a useful exercise for senior citizens. This exercise not only builds strength in the thigh, leg and hip muscles but it also releases the pain from lower back cramps. To begin, stand with your legs stretched at a small distance and push back without bending the knees. 10 reps for each leg count as 1 set.

4. Squats

Slow and light squats are a great way to build leg muscle and strength. The ideal way is to start by 10 reps per set a day. In the initial levels, 1 set of 10 reps is more than enough. Seniors can gradually add more reps or increase the number of sets.

5. Arm Curls

Arm curls using light weights allow seniors to build arm strength and improve their muscular movement. The expansion and contraction of the arm allows relief for seniors from any muscular ache.

6. Push-Ups

Push-ups are a great way of building core, arm and leg strength. Instead of going for the traditional, floor push-ups, seniors can place palms on the wall and push against it.

7. Toe Tips

Toes tips are an amazing way of building calf strength. Seniors can modify this exercise by using a chair for support and balance. Raise yourself with body weight on the toes and tip up.

8. Stretch The Lower Body

Stretching the leg allows prevention of hamstrings and eases up sore muscles. To balance out weight, seniors can use the upper part of a chair.

9. Lunges

Mild lunges include stretching legs at a distance and bending one knee. Seniors can modify this exercise by using the support of a chair or wall. Stretching the legs can release muscular tension and provide more strength.

10. Stretch Upper Body

Hold your hands together, move toward the sky and bend backward lightly. This will provide instant release from a sore back and also improve senior breathing.

Improve health with mild and safe exercise for a healthier senior life!

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