Why Learning a New Language May Help Slow Down Senility

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As we age, our physical as well as mental facilities start to deteriorate a little.

Little by little, our brain becomes unable to perform all its functions at its optimum level. This is something that is just an aftermath of old age, but it does not mean that we cannot delay its arrival. While it is true that our bodies eventually will get weaker, but this is not a good excuse for any senior to just give up working on themselves.

So, if you too are looking for ways to delay the aftermath of old age, start taking action today. The quicker you start, the higher the chances of you being successful in your mission.

Slow Down the Brain Aging Process:

If you are particularly interested in slowing down the brain aging process, did you know that learning a new language may just be the thing that could help you?

That’s right!

As it is, learning a language requires the brain to work in a manner that can even make it work better for longer! So what is the catch? Why does that happen?

When you begin to learn a new language, you will notice that there is just so much to retain. From vocabulary and pronunciation to grammar rules, there is a lot to learn. 

Since we are talking about learning a new language, this means that you already know one or two (perhaps, even more than that!) already. When you add another language on to this stack of languages, your brain is required to work harder as it alternates between the rules and contexts of one language and that of the other.

One might think that all this extra work may tire the brain but science proves otherwise. This “hard work” keeps the brain up and running and it stays in good shape. So as you continue to age, your brain’s ability to learn, store and recall stuff remains in good shape too.

Learning a new language may even keep a senior happily occupied. It is not just a fun activity to learn a different language, but it is also one which is purposeful. As it is, seniors can sometimes feel very alienated from the other members of the society because while they may have more free time now that they are retired and all, but others in the family may not.

So why not keep engaged while learning a new language?

Most seniors crave the company of other seniors too so that they can have peers they can relate with. A senior living community, in such a scenario can be of great help. Palazzo Senior Living Community in Phoenix, AZ provides an excellent platform for seniors to be a part of a community which understands all their needs and requirements. And nicely, it caters to them accordingly, too!

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Top 3 Heart Healthy Diets for Seniors

February 09, 2018 in: heart healthy diets for seniors,

Considering that it is such an important organ of the body, it makes sense why one should look after it accordingly as well. Poor cardiac health continues being one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

The good thing is that with just a few lifestyle changes, you can improve your heart health significantly. One of these lifestyle changes is making heart-healthy choices in terms of the food you eat.

Seniors especially need to take care of their heart since aging demands that a person should pay more attention to their health. If you are looking for some heart healthy diets that the seniors can follow, here are a few suggestions.

1: Fat-Free/Low-Fat Diet:

 A diet where you eat less fat or eat food items that are naturally low in fat is a good diet option to consider. Whether the seniors  are at a risk for developing a heart disease or are just looking to improve their heart health, a low-fat or fat-free diet can be of immense help. The emphasis in such a diet is on vegetables and fruits more and lean protein.

2: Low-Carb Diet:

While too much at can result in heart problems, more and more research is indicating that carbohydrates are even more of a culprit than fat in damaging the heart.

A low-carb diet would also be one where focus is laid on fruits and vegetables and processed food, junk food are kept away. Not eating junk food can be a bit of a struggle, but remember that your cardiac health matters more.

3: Low-Sodium Diet:

Did you know that if there is too much salt in your body that makes the body retain the water, what this does is that the fluid just keeps on building up inside the body which can ultimately be very threatening to the heart!

Another healthy diet for seniors with cardiac concerns is one which in low in sodium/salt.

Ideally, the best diet for a healthy heart is one which has low fat, low salt and low carbs. Instead of just following any of these one particular diets, try to go for a more eclectic approach where you eat less fat, monitor your salt intake and do not load up on carbs either.

Your beloved seniors deserve the best of everything. If you are looking for a good senior community where they can have their needs accommodated nicely and can even interact with other senior members of the society, Palazzo Senior Living Community Phoenix, AZ is a great choice.

The Palazzo Senior Living Community Phoenix, AZ has several amenities that are more than perfect for you or the seniors in your life. From medical requirements to more personal ones like grooming, all are handled wonderfully at The Palazzo.

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