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When It’s Time to Look at Making the Move to a Nursing Home

November 15, 2016 in: When It’s Time to Look at Making the Move to a Nursing Home - The Palazzo Assisted Living Facility P,

Deciding about a nursing home is one of the hardest decisions in life, regardless if it is because of incident like a fall or because the ability to manage a loved one’s life where their dementia has worsened to the point where it is unmanageable. Feelings such as being upset, mad, overwhelmed or guilt are natural. Spending the time to navigate options regarding medical requirements, financial demands going forward and housing will assist you and all people connected to the move make a smart, logical, sound decision.

Smart Questions to Ask When Deciding About a Nursing Home

Has a health assessment been completed on the senior recently?

If your loved just completed a stay in the hospital and now a nursing home is being look at instead of going home this step has most likely been completed. But if a senior is thinking about a move from a different facility or from their home, a complete health assessment should be completed to fully consider all needs and requirements to discover if a different skilled nursing facility is the logical next step.

Will a new housing setting meet all the senior’s safety and health needs?

If medical needs or the risk of fall is too high if the senior continues to live at home then a new setting needs to be considered. If the senior is at risk for leaving home and getting lost or leaving dangerous appliances on, or they need 24-hour supervised care due to the risk of falling, a full-continuing care community like The Palazzo in Phoenix, AZ, offering assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care may be the next smart step to make

Are the senior’s needs being fully met by their main caregiver?

Caregivers wear many hats in addition to caring for their senior family member including work, family and personal health. No one can give care 24/7 and manage the rest of their life at the same time. Many families give care to their senior in shifts each day. Many people rely on day programs, home care service providers, and temporary nursing home stays, known as respite care, can give a caregiver the daily assistance needed to give care to loved one. But in many instances the senior’s medical requirements are too difficult and home care services being provided are just not enough to cover all the needs or the cost becomes prohibitive.

Is the nursing home permanent or temporary?

In certain instances a non-permanent care situation can be dealt with through the help of family providing care using work shifts or through a home care service provider. But, if the case is permanent or evolves into one, home care services may be too costly or family members are unable to keep up with the care work shifts needed.

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