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How to Pick a Memory Care Unit in Phoenix, AZ

December 05, 2016 in: How to Pick a Memory Care Unit in Phoenix, AZ,

Dementia in a loved one can be daunting for them and for you. When the time comes where a loved cannot live at home any longer, the next step that may make the most sense is to move them to a memory care unit at an assisted living facility.

Assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities many times offer a memory care unit as part of their suite of care services. The best aspect about a memory care unit is that each one normally has highly trained staff members with both educational and work experience skill sets specifically for caring for clients with dementia. The environment of top memory care unit offers a peaceful setting with an emphasis on high care level with specialized attention for its residents.

Memory care unit decision needs to include several visits to the facilities being considering. It is recommended that you carefully watch staff members in hands on resident care, speak with family members of the residents and that you have a list questions that you ask about day to day activities, day to day routines and how the staff handles tough difficult behavior along with other important subjects.

Today the number of Alzheimer’s patients in America is growing faster than ever because the population in the using is growing older. Memory care units are keeping up with the demand, but it doesn’t mean they are all created equal. Family members need to do their homework.

The primary goal of finding the right memory care unit, besides find a high quality one that can be counted on, is to find one that is nearby to family and friends. The main thing to know that is so very important is to stay in connected to your loved one by coming by to visit consistently and to be part of each aspect of their picture, including care, daily activities and their current status.

Research, Research Research

Once you have a solid selection of places to choose from, visit each place several times. Make sure you stop by without calling ahead during weekends, nights and in the early morning. By visiting learn if the facility staff is keeping up with caregiving consistently, learn if the rooms and the facility are kept clean, learn about the consistency and quality of the food and learn if residents that need assistance eating are getting it and if they are being attended to when asking for help. Find out what the staff turnover statistics have been over the last 12 - 18 months and what the ratio is for staff-to-residents. The industry standard for memory care units is for every 5 residents there should be 1 staff member. Cover memory care staff training that is ongoing and the requirements for hiring. The lower the staff turnover the better it is for residents because everyone, including memory care patients, like consistent routines.

Seek signals that show the memory care unit attends to residents issues and needs instead of a built in status quo. The key is to see that each resident is being cared for in a way that helps them the very best way. Check to see if the memory care unit provides activities that help residents stay engaged

Changes are hard for people with dementia. Be certain that the place you choose will be one that they can stay at for the the long term. Check to see that the services offered include skilled nursing in the event that your loved one needs that type of care. Find out what type of health issues would develop in your loved one that cannot be taken care of there that would mean they would have to be transferred to another facility.

Phoenix, AZ, assisted living facility The Palazzo understands how important a memory care unit is to its residents. When the time comes when a family member's Alzheimer's has progressed where it it has become to difficult to continue to provide care for we suggest that you consult with their doctor and then if it makes sense, come see us to discuss the possibility about moving forward with moving your family member into our memory care facility.

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