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Reasons for Dehydration in Seniors

January 03, 2017 in: Reasons for Dehydration in Seniors,

Reasons for Dehydration in Seniors

Dehydration in seniors is because of the following possibilities:

  • Illness that include diarrhea and vomiting
  • General Illness
  • Reduction in kidney function due to ageing
  • Loss of awareness of thirstiness as we age
  • Medications in use that cause sweating and or which are a diuretic
  • Medications in general

Senior Dehydration Solutions

Be certain your cherished senior family member does not develop dehydation by having them intake fluids each day. Be sure they eat healthy food daily, including foods like fruit, soups and vegetables rich in water content. Each day look at the color of their urine (urine dark in color is a sign of dehyration) and make sure the amount of urine being produced is sufficient.

Providing explanations to your senior about the importance of daily fluid intake is critical to being certain they stay hydrated. One way to help the hydration of your senior is to place a water bottle near where they spend a lot time like their night stand, and end tables in living room, to improve water intake. Make it as convenient as possible to take a drink of water throughout the day for your senior.

When your senior is living in a Phoenix AZ assisted living facility, be certain that their is a program for daily hydration in place. It needs to provide fluids during the day and provide help taking in the fluids and and provide an ongoing selection of different fluids. Be certain your loved one’s mental, physical status and weight is checked on each day on an ongoing basis. Review their hydration status with the staff and the staff doctor along with any medication they are taking and ask for it to be changed if it is necessary.

Addressing hydration before it becomes a problem is critical.  Taking action now that keeps your senior from becoming dehydated is much better than dealing with it later and putting them at risk.

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