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Reducing Flu Risk in Seniors

January 05, 2017 in: Reducing Flu Risk in Seniors in Phoenix AZ,

Reducing Flu Risk in Seniors in Phoenix AZ

The flu is very rough, regardless of your overall health and age, and it is common in most communities in America for flu shots be promoted in huge public health push each flu season. Particularly in seniors, due to risks associated with the flu, preventing them from catching it is very critical. In the USA each year in excess of 200,00 folks get the flu and end up the hospital, and sadly almost 40,000 of that group do not survive. The flu is serious. Older seniors are at much higher potential jeopardy from the flu because as we age our immune systems are waning.

How Flu is Contracted

Annually the flu season comes along and rears its ugly head. It is easily one of the illnesses that is the easiest to contract. It is very contagious. Normally it is disseminated by people sneezing and coughing which spreads respiratory spray or drops, which then moves into another person’s respiratory system. It can be contracted by touching an object with flu virus on it, like a public building door handle, a telephone or a bannister, and then touching the mouth or nose, touching one’s nose or mouth and then getting the illness from there.

Flu prevention is as straight-forward as not going near sick people. Folks may have the flu and are on contagious, but have not exhibited any symptoms. Those people are getting other people sick without knowing it.

Symptoms from the flu are as follows: muscle aches; extreme fatigue; bone aches; sore throat, cough; headache; runny nose; chills; and fever. Additionally the someone with the flu may have diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

Flu Remedies

In America the flu season is normally from sometime in October till the end of the month of February. However it can run as late as April. Each year up to twenty percent of America’s citizens catches the flu. The bottom line is there is no cure, but it can be dealt with directly by taking lots of fluids, getting lots of sleep and rest and finally taking doctor prescribed anti-viral medications that can reduce spreading of the flu in the body and the length of time a person suffers from the symptoms. The medications need to be on-board in the body within 2 days of getting the flu, but the bottom line is, nothing is better to prevent the flu than getting the flu vacinne.

Senior Health Status and the Flu

People who are healthy will feel the effects of the illness normally for 5 to 7 days, but seniors who get the flu are definitely in a position, due to lower immune system caused by aging, to possibly stay sick longer even become more ill. Advanced complications from the flu can and often does have an impact on seniors because of the fear factor from being older and not being quite as strong compared to when they were younger. Seniors get the flu and it sometimes it can cause fear which can lead to the illness lasting longer and further complications.

Senior Flu Prevention

Practicing quality care can be very helpful in preventing or spreading the flu virus. Taking care by washing hands regularly when out in public right after touching surfaces like bannisters, door knobs and any other type of surface like counters can go a long way towards flu prevention. Keep away from other folks, family or not, who are ill with the flu other illness is also a wise flu prevention strategy. Senior caregivers definitely need to follow all these practices to reduce the chance of the people they take care from becoming ill.

People who take care of seniors, like Phoenix, AZ, assisted living facilities, need to make sure everyone there involved in caring for the elderly, gets a flu vaccination.

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