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Stopping Senior Malnutrition

February 09, 2017 in: Stopping Senior Malnutrition,

Seniors nutritional requirements are different from younger grownups and they often are on a variety of medications along with ongoing personal health issues such a hyper-tension, diabetes, and heart disease. Plus many seniors do live alone. Each of these factors add up to a large segment of the senior population being adversely affected by them when it comes to have a quality good nutrition diet. Seniors are struggling with several issues and as they become older and older a good diet tends to not be high on their list of daily priorities.

Be aware of the signals and the indications of your loved one becoming malnourished and then do what is needed from a daily strategy to keep it from happening, which will affect them adversely

Things Negatively Impacting Senior Malnutrition

  • Dementia and Depression
  • Ability to get to the grocery store is taken away for a variety of reasons
  • Medicine cost impacts ability to afford food
  • Low income negatively impacts ability to purchase high nutrition food
  • Poor dental health negatively impacts ability to eat high nutrition food.
  • Lost drive to cook each day
  • Alone and does not feel like eating by themself
  • Food stops tasting good due medicine, dental and health issues
  • Likes drinking beer or liquor instead of eating
  • Difficulty swallowing food
  • Appetite suppression from medicine side effects
  • Lack of interest in cooking
  • Living alone and eating for one
  • Changing taste buds
  • Medication side-effects that supress appetite or create bitter tastes
  • Restricted diets such as low sodium or low fat diets
  • Preferring to drink alcohol over eating
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Trouble chewing due to sore gums or poor dental health
  • Limited income to buy nutritious food
  • Expensive medications leave little room for food
  • Lack of mobility - unable to get to the store
  • Depression and dementia

Stopping Senior Malnutrition Review Steps

  • Take in 8 glasses of water daily to maintain hydration
  • Set up diet strategy to include foods with 5 critical nutrients and vitamins
  • Check for changes in health and big weight swings
  • Review what’s in the refrigerator and watch what’s being eaten and how often
  • Ask for help from professionals when it makes sense and without hesitation

Phoenix, AZ, Assited living facility, The Palazzo, is the place to turn to for answers when it comes to when it becomes too difficult to care for your senior loved one. Nutrition and accompanying repsonsibilities of a senior family member can very hard to manage and keep with. When that happens, and at some point it will, give The Palazzo a call at 602-433-6300. 


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