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Steps to Take When Your Folks Won’t Accept Assistance

February 13, 2017 in: Steps to Take When Your Folks Won’t Accept Assistance,

Finding the right approach with your parents when they need to make a change, but will not listen is very difficult. The advice there is partly about helping seniors with dementia but mostly it’s general recommendations.

The advice steps to take are as follows:

  1. Focus in on comprehending what factors are driving how they are acting - Is your loved one being difficult because they are working to maintain their own identity or because they’re down or having difficulty understanding. What is making them scared?
  2. Upcoming Event Strategy - Talk about events you know they want to be included in on.
  3. Develop a Place to Communicate Your Feelings - When you’re feeling frustrated about your loved one’s changes in behavior discover places to talk about it and get it off your chest.
  4. Make a Decision On How Critical the Subject Is or Is Not - Is an issue or subject really critical or is does it not really matter.
  5. It’s Your Fault or Your Kids Fault - When you’re seeking a change in behavior by your loved one use yourself or the grandkids as a reason a change needs to be made.
  6. Interact with Your Loved One as an Adult - Do not treat your family member as if they were a child. They may or may not catch on, but it’s best to treat them as an adult with its complete respect and dignity.
  7. Know the Circumstance is One You May Not Like But Have to Accept - Your love one is an adult and may never change their mind or behavior. Things may just have to stay the same.
  8. Do Not Be Hard on Yourself - If things get hard and changes that needed to take place did not, do not get down on yourself. There is only so much you can do or have a direct effect on.

Dealing with a senior family member that will not listen and make an important change is part of the circle of life. Roll with it and do the best you can at each given moment and do not get down on yourself.

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