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Picking a Retirement Community Important Physical Activity Facts to Know

March 03, 2017 in: Picking a Retirement Community Important Physical Activity Facts to Know,

When choosing a retirement community in Phoenix, AZ or elsewhere for yourself or your loved one, when you’re doing your tour of different facilities in the area you like, inquire about what physical activity programs are provided for its residents. Aspects to consider are if you or your loved one are active, find out if it offers a physical activity program. If you or your loved one are not active, it is a great opportunity to become active and work on becoming healthier.

  • Inquire about the following aspects regarding physical activity programs and facts when visiting a retirement community:
  • Are there socials connected to its physical activity programs?
  • Are there community parks close to the retirement community?
  • Find out if the retirement community features sidewalks with good lighting that are safe to walk on for seniors
  • Does the community feature thorough guardrails and handrails throughout?
  • Learn if there are workout facilities such a senior community center, YMCA or other workout business close to the retirement community if it does not offer its own workout center.
  • Does the retirement community offer storage for workout gear like bicycles, skis and tennis equipment if resident’s living quarters are too small?
  • Find out if there are associate fees to use the retirement communities workout facility.
  • Does the retirement community offer certified personal trainer services and exercise classes?
  • Learn if the personal trainer at the retirement community certified to train people living with permanent health conditions or whom are older.
  • Find out if the retirement community offers facilities and / or amenities like a pool, tennis courts and walking trails

Learn the answers to all the questions and the important facts about physical activities and working out opportunities offered by each retirement community and make notes. This way you’ll be able to make the best decision possible when it comes to choosing a retirement community that offers what you or your loved one wants or needs when it comes to physical activity.

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