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Senior Assisted Living Facility Pluses

March 09, 2017 in: Senior Assisted Living Facility Pluses,

Senior Assisted Living Facility Pluses

Today senior assisted living facilities offer a wonderful housing service to people moving from one stage of life to a new one. The normal circumstances when a person moves from their own place to an assisted living facility is when living day to day requires assistance or when there’s work that needs done, but it is no longer possible due to changes in personal capabilities.. For people needing assisted living housing ,and not nursing home care, it means getting the help needed each day, but not losing your independence and privacy.

Assisted living means still living with close to full independence, but receiving the help needed when required. The level of care provided in an assisted living facility covers needs including movement, medical care, and all the other tasks that a person needing care requires. One of the beauties of living in an assisted living facility is that its residents enjoy apartment living with the benefit of personal independence, enjoyment and privacy and with the separate but wonderful plus of no longer having to clean one’s home.

Facts about residents of  assisted living facilities include that most need help with managing their medication and making food each day. Staff normally assists with daily tasks, weekly grocery needs and getting together with other residents socially. Keep mind though, almost all of the time residents decide what they do with their time, but staff members do need help with putting clothes on and getting a bath.

The bottom line is that care received in senior care facilities should include excellent care covering continued freedom of deciding about one’s day, a high level of respect, a positive life and ongoing independence. Staff members at senior living facilities are on the job to provide a high level of personal care.

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