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Benefits and Tips of Social Media Among Seniors

April 03, 2017 in: Benefits of social media among seniors,

Social media harbors a lot of positives for seniors but can drive their families crazy. Studies senior involvement in social media can lead to happiness, lower rates of depression, feeling connected and in touch with friends and family. Self-tagging photos when not actually in them and using incorrect emojis and abbreviations are small prices for offspring to pay, so be patient. It pays off.

Benefits of Social Media for Seniors

  • Resource for new hobbies and interests
  • Frequent access and sharing photos of their grandchildren
  • Reconnect with friends
  • Keep in touch, particularly those far away and in different time zones
  • Tips for Seniors Using Social Media
  • The following suggestions really apply to anyone but can be overseen by seniors who are new to social media. Children can help their parents keep these in mind as they build and use their social network.

1. Don’t Overshare

For security purposes, it is important to avoid sharing personal information. This includes birthdays, addresses, full names and financial information. Most sites have privacy setting options. Make sure your parents are following these guidelines.

Announcing upcoming events, particularly destination vacations that are far away. This gives too much leeway for robberies and other felonies. Keep risk minimal and share your vacation after it happens.  

It is important to be mindful of other people’s privacy. This can include personal news on engagements, pregnancies, and job changes. With the best intentions at hand, people often do not think through their posts and upset the ones they love. This can happen particularly with seniors who are unaccustomed to thinking this way. When you see your parent sharing news, bring this to their attention and kindly remind them to remember to think how their sharing might affect the person on the receiving end.

2. Mindful Comments

Be careful when commenting on certain topics on specifically on others. While discussing religion and politics online has its benefits, it is still important to tread lightly. In addition, subjective opinions on others can be taken negatively and people can feel ashamed. People use the freedom of speech in social media to get their point across which has its overall benefits. If not thought through you might unintentionally offend a friend or perhaps your daughter's boyfriend for example. Is it worth it to spark a public dispute? Think before you post!  

3. Keep your Friends Close

Think about who you invite as friends. Accepting friend requests from people you do not know can backfire. Think about who you want to see your family photos and posts. Who do you want to know you just got back from visiting grandchildren and one of them just got into the college of their choice? Keep your network for the intended purpose otherwise it may lead to your having to let go of it all together.

When all's said and done, do not let these tips keep you away from social media. The benefits of being online are huge. With your own common sense and advice from others, you will be able to utilize as you intended.

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