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How do Memory Care Activities Enrich the Lives of the Participants?

May 09, 2017 in: Memory Care Activities,

Alzheimer’s and dementia are two of the most common mental afflictions that the elderly face and both entail loss of memory and motor skills. For their loved ones, this can be extremely painful to observe since they don’t just lose their memories, they also lose basic actions such as washing, tying shoe laces, or even writing.

As far as mental diseases are concerned, Alzheimer’s and dementia are not curable but if the brain is kept active and happy, you can reduce the chances of developing them early in life. With the help of memory care activities, you can not only help them re-learn these forgotten actions but also help prevent the negative effects of their afflictions. The following are a few more ways that memory care activities enrich the lives of the participants.

Both Mental and Physical

Exercise is always touted as a great activity for your body but it also has a lot of mental benefits too. As one of the most important parts of memory care activities, it helps to remove stiffness in joints and the endorphins released help to stave away depression and distress. Even indulging in yoga can provide various benefits, not only improving mental condition but also boosting confidence and self-esteem as well.

Nurturing Creativity

Painting, sculpture and music are some of the most important memory care activities that not only exercise the mind; they also spark creativity in a person. By providing your loved ones with an outlet, it is possible to keep the mind active and has been proven to even sooth individuals who have dementia and are agitated or distressed. Even something as simple as sculpturing can help to draw out creativity as well as provide an anchor when the world is not making sense in any other manner.

Stimulating the Senses

Activities such as gardening and cooking are not only physically strenuous, they also stimulate the senses. As memory care activities, these play a dual purpose in not only helping to socialize but to also help in re-stimulate the sense of touch, taste, and sight. Even something as simple as making lemonade or baking a cake can help keep people with dementia and Alzheimer’s engaged and happy. It also improves the diet of any picky eaters as they will be more eager to try food they helped cook.

Exercising the Mind

From word searches and puzzles to poetry and prose, exercising the mind with memory care activities is essential. A happy, healthy and active brain is not as likely to get dementia or Alzheimer’s. Even if one does develop it, brain exercises can help to decrease the chances of it worsening. With the help of the right memory care activities, you can ensure that your loved ones are healthy, happy and flourishing despite all odds.

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