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June 06, 2017 in: Care at Palazzo,

To whom it may concern:

My brother-in-law was a resident of the Palazzo approximately seven months prior to his deteriorating health.Our family had chosen this facility specifically because of its different levels of care all on one campus and its closeness to our home.What a great decision it was!

After a brief hospitalization, my brother-in-law was able to transfer to the skilled nursing unit on campus and now is a resident on  the memory ward. What great care he has received in the process. All staff are thoughtful, attentive, dedicated and friendly people.I am especially fond of all staff on the memory ward. My brother-in-law seems adjusted,happy and healthier than he has been in years.The staff attend to all his physical and emotional needs and keep our family informed as issues arise. I highly recommend the Palazzo for any of your family care needs.


Chrystyl Dimler 

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