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Top 3 Flexibility Exercises for Seniors

January 15, 2018 in: Flexibility for seniors,

Flexibility has to be one characteristic about our bodies which we seem to ignore the most!

Not that we do it intentionally, it just happens to be an aspect most of us just do not seem to think about too much, until our body starts to lose some of it. As we grow older, the muscles and joints in our body start to lose this flexibility and become very stiff. The older you are the more stiff they get and the more painful they become for us too.

Your range of mobility becomes pretty limited too.

Unless we do something about it!

The best way to keep your body nice and flexible is to stay active. A regular workout regime benefits the body in a number of ways; improved flexibility is one of them.

Simple Flexibility Exercises for Seniors:

Many seniors erroneously assume that since they did not start exercising earlier, it would make very little difference if they started now.

That couldn’t be farther away from the truth! No matter what age you are at, remaining physically active is always, always recommended. So if you too are in pain because of stiff joints and muscles, it is not too late for you to start exercising. Exercises for improving flexibility primarily involve stretching of various muscles in the body, so they are pretty simple to do.

 So with that in mind here are some simple stretching exercises that seniors can practice easily for improving their mobility.

1: Arm and Shoulder Stretch:

With your feet planted firmly on the ground, raise your arms to the sky as if you are reaching for it. Hold the pose, you should feel a nice, relaxing stretch in the upper arms and shoulder area. Remain in the pose for at least a minute and then lower them down. Repeat at least thrice.

2: The Neck Roll:

If your neck feels too stiff, a simple exercise to help loosen the muscles is to do some neck rolls. You can do this while standing or sitting, whichever way you are more comfortable with. All you have to do is to lean your head towards the left side and start making an imaginary circle in a manner that when you reach the front, your chin should either touch your chest or be very close to it and then complete the circle. Make at least 2 circles like this in clockwise direction and then anti-clockwise direction.

3: Stretching the Back of the Legs:

Another simple flexibility exercise for seniors looking to loosen their leg muscles is just bend from their torso to the front, aiming to touch their toes. Be slow and repeat it as many times as you like.

These are the 3 simple exercises that seniors can do to improve their body’s flexibility. Are you looking for a senior community for your beloved senior at home? Palazzo Senior Living Community Phoenix, AZ, is an excellent option to consider. From the state of the art infrastructure to their extremely competent staff, Palazzo Senior Living Community Phoenix, AZ, takes care of all their elderly clients exceptionally well.

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