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Driving - It Can Become Problematic and Even Dangerous as We Age

November 10, 2016 in: Assisted Living Phoenix AZ, Driving Issues Due to Dementia,

It's a common story. Couples and family start clashing with a loved one who's been diagnosed with Alzheimers over dents and more extensive damage cropping up on the vehicle they drive. Eventually, when it becomes very apparent that driving for your loved one is no longer safe, the next required step is directly addressing the issue. The key is to talk specifically about the issue while focusing on it postively and being sure to include transporation alternatives. For example, these days in most cities driving services and taxis are both readily available. It is critical to provide a strong positive message, inclusive of acknowleding their pain of the loss of independence, while addressing their need to act responsibly by not driving so that both they and anyone else does not get injured from an accident they may cause. 

The sooner the issue is talked about the better, because it gives the person the opportunity to speak their mind as well help arrive at a positive solution for the problem at hand. It is critical if possible to include the person, close friends and family members in the discussion. Besides offering a team approach, the people involved might possible be able to become part of the solution to the problem. These days with the advent of delivered meals, medicine and driving services the requirement of driving everywhere for products and services is becoming a thing of the past, which in turn to a large degree does away with the need to drive. If the team arrives at the the conclusion they are going to help with some the errands requiring driving, it may find it will draw everyone, family and friends together because they are now spending more time together. For guidance and great information on how to begin talking about driving with your loved one with Alzheimers go to

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