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20 Questions to Ask When Picking a Memory Care Facility in Phoenix, AZ for Your Loved One

March 01, 2018 in: memory care facility phoenix az,

When it comes to choosing a caregiving facility for their loved one, people often get confused between assisted living and memory care. While both facilities offer somewhat the same services, the latter is designed for special long-term care.

An assisted living facility merely provides assistance with clothing, bathing, and meals for older people who are still active but cannot live independently. As for memory care, it is a 24/7 care facility, similar to a nursing home but with better accommodations.

Here, patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s live in a separate wing, in their personal space and are provided with assistance in everything. The round the clock care ensures that individuals are given focused care, where the staff builds their abilities, along with treating them delicately due to their deficits. They are encouraged to engage in meaningful activities that enhance their self-esteem, which allows them to function properly using the sensible abilities they still have left.

Choosing a Memory Care Facility

Not all memory care facilities offer similar services. Depending on how much care your loved one requires, you need to choose a place that caters to their needs and wants.

As you begin your search for facilities, make a list of all the services they offer and their pros and cons. While a website does provide valuable insight into how the facility is maintained and what services are offered, you should still make a personal tour to know more about the inner workings of the facility and its staff.

Following are 20 questions that you should ask the memory care facility you are considering:

  1. Is this facility only for patients with dementia or do you have other patients too?
  2. How would you describe the level of care provided by the facility?
  3. What is the training level of the staff here? Are they educated on emerging problems in memory care?
  4. What monthly rate do you charge for the care and housing? What kind of services does this rate include?
  5. Are the rooms semi-private or private? Does the price vary and by what margin?
  6. How much personal assistance is provided to the residents?
  7. In case of a medical emergency, what protocols are followed by the staff?
  8. When handling medical emergencies, what policy do you have regarding the residents?
  9. In case of a fire or any other natural disaster, how do you secure the facility?
  10. What is the meal system here? Are residents given their choice of meals and do you take special dietary requests like kosher meals?
  11. How often is laundry and housekeeping service provided?
  12. Regarding mental and physical health, what kind of social activities and exercises do you offer?
  13. Alzheimer’s differ from person to person. Do you accommodate patients who have mobility issues, need diabetic care, wander on their own or are physically aggressive?
  14. Do you group residents according to their cognitive ability?
  15. During the day and night, what ratio of residents to staff do you have present in the facility?
  16. How often are the family members allowed to visit their loved one?
  17. Can the family members take their loved one on an outing after they have been admitted into memory care?
  18. What happens if the resident dies in your care?
  19. Are alternative methods used to increase survival rates of the resident? If so, then what are those?
  20. What is your discharge policy? Is the caregiver supposed to sign any “warning” papers?

Depending on your lifestyle, you might not be able to give your loved one the care they need and in a delicate situation such as this, anything can happen. Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, which is why a memory care facility is the best option for your loved one.

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