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Trends in Senior Living and Dining

October 29, 2018 in: Independent Living Phoenix,

Today, the dining experience provided at senior retirement facilities is changing for the better. All thanks to the baby boomers. More and more people are adopting a healthy diet, which also provides several options for people to enjoy delicious meals. Retirement facilities are now offering 3 meals a day, with three to four options.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Retiring Near Family in Phoenix

October 15, 2018 in: Phoenix Assisted Living, Independent Living Phoenix,

Planning to retire to a health care community? You might get confused with all the options available in front of you. But the only two things you need to make a decision based on are the “flavor” you are looking for and your retirement budget.

How do you see your life playing out in the future?

More than a Retirement Home - Palazzo’s is a Way of Life

September 19, 2018 in: Phoenix Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Phoenix, Independent Living Phoenix,

Palazzo provides a retirement community designed specifically for elder people and their needs. The retirement home is built on a piece of spacious land, and offers many types of accommodations to individuals of different aging programs.

The focal point of this community is the main street where many celebrations and activities take place. Moreover, it offers people the opportunity to socialize with like-minded people.

What’s the Difference Between Assisted Living and Independent Living?

September 17, 2018 in: Phoenix Assisted Living, Independent Living Phoenix,

When it comes to deciding on the accommodation for your elderly loved one, you have two choices in front of you: assisted living or independent living. Choosing either one depends on how much assistance your loved one requires daily. Can they manage the daily activities such as taking a bath, doing household chores, managing medicine, driving, etc, on their own?

How to Select an Independent Living Community

October 31, 2017 in: Independent Living Phoenix,

Looking for an independent living community for yourself or someone you know? Is the home where you spent a lifetime and watched your kids growing becoming too much for you to handle? The decision to move somewhere else is certainly not easy because of the emotional attachment you have to the place, but once you know the importance of taking this decision, it will be easier for you.

What is an Independent Living Community?

Before starting with anyone else, it is important we discuss what is an independent living community. An Independent Living Community is a community for seniors to live on their own either in a house or a condo. These communities have age restrictions and generally, people below the age of 55 are often not allowed to live within these communities.

These communities provide a number of different amenities like security, yard maintenance, housekeeping, clubhouses, and gyms. In addition to this, some of the services that are generally provided include laundry service, group meals, transportation, and other activities.

Deciding if Independent Living is Right for You

Independent living is great for people who would like to be around their peers and want to live in a secure environment, where most of their needs are met with. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when selecting an independent living community. Here are some of the things that you will have to consider when selecting an independent living community.


It is important that you visit the community to see the kind of people that live there. Make sure that you talk to the staff as well as the residents to see if they are friendly and if you share the same interests and ideologies. While you are there, ask yourself if you like the people and if you would be okay to live with them.


Have a look at how big the community is and the kind of houses that are there. In addition to this, look out for the space for car parking, and if the place is pet-friendly.


See the location of the place and ensure that it is in close proximity to your family and friends, the hospital, and maybe even the mall.

Things to Do

You will need some sort of entertainment while you live there, so some of the things that you should look for is the common area, activities center, and get some information about the activities that the residents enjoy.

Services Provided

Ask the people about the services provided at the facility. Some of the ones that are typically provided includes:

Access to health and medical services

Assistance with bathing, walking, dressing, and eating.

  • Emergency call systems
  • Exercise programs
  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry services
  • Medication management
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Three meals a day served
  • Transportation


You should expect to pay about $1,000 per month for the following services:

  • Cable TV
  • Field trips
  • Housekeeping
  • Initial assessment fee
  • Internet access
  • Laundry
  • Meals
  • Move-in fee
  • Parking
  • Private phone
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Wellness program

Independent Living in Phoenix, AZ – Enjoy the Amazing Benefits

May 08, 2017 in: Independent Living Phoenix,

If you are a senior who is wondering about the best way to live a retired life, we believe that reading this blog will allow you to appreciate the advantages of independent living at a retirement/assisted living facility. There are several advantages of living independently, and here, we share some of the most amazing benefits.

Social Interaction

We all need more company as we get older. We understand this important human need, and therefore, advise seniors to look at options of assisted living, where they can receive services from registered medical professionals, as well as enjoy social acquaintances.

Many seniors find that they have too much time on their hands and really need some companionship. Independent living in Phoenix, AZ allows retirees to ensure that they are able to enjoy the company of likeminded people and take part in many communal and social activities.


There are various activities that occur at such facilities. You can take part in board games, enjoy timely meals, and watch movies with friends from your own age group. There are also special social events that are held by good independent living homes.

No Home Repairs

One issue that seniors often face is the lack of available monetary resources. Your income certainly changes after retirement, but your home does not understand it and things breakdown even more often than they used to do just a few years ago.

Routine tasks are also difficult to perform when you grow older. When you are living at an assisted living facility though, your own house facilities will not deteriorate. This will ensure that you can save thousands of dollars each year, and also enjoy living in a community environment.

Independent living in Phoenix, AZ will ensure that you do not have to perform the same level of maintenance on your home. You will not need to clean your house, maintain your laundry, and ensure that the plumbing is properly working.


Immediate Assistance

Once you grow older, you need support and assistance in several tasks. If you select independent living in Phoenix, AZ, then you can certainly get the required assistance at the right facility. Most of these facilities have trained staff and medical personnel, which are able to take care of your needs.

A key advantage in this regard is your safety. Since independent living homes have trained staff members at all times, it is easier to receive immediate support and treatment in the case of an emergency.

Best Nutrition

Seniors can find it difficult to cook good quality meals for their nutritional needs. Independent living in Phoenix, AZ ensures that you able to receive meal assistance. All top assisted facilities keep a nutritionist and trained kitchen staff, which are responsible for providing the best food for an individual. They also take into account the suggestions of the doctor and ensure that seniors remain in great health.


It all comes down to independence. Assisted living at a facility allows seniors to feel independent. They can remain assured that they are not a burden on their relatives and are living in the right way.

The Palazzo is a great place and is one of the top selections for independent living in Phoenix, AZ. It allows you to enjoy a community experience and reduce your living expenses.

Housing Decision Making Guide for Seniors

March 02, 2017 in: Senior Housing, Phoenix Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Phoenix, Independent Living Phoenix,

How to choose the best place for housing for you or your loved one when you or they become older requires getting certain questions answered and it means the place that is picked needs to have certain required service levels and amenities on hand. The best approach is to be thorough, make sure what is needed or wanted is offered now, and that if changes need to be made regarding living assistance or full time care, those changes will be met as well.

Currently what independent living, assisted living and memory care services are offered now and what services are available to meet care needs down the road?

Think about talking to an attorney to confirm you or your loved one’s legal concerns and rights. Before making a final decision about housing, confirm that the person’s legal rights are covered and that all their needs are protected and met including financial, socially and both short and long-term health.

What type of lifestyle and living conditions are offered at the retirement community and what are my needs or my loved one’s needs regarding both.

How critical is the location of the retirement community to me, my loved one, family and friend?. Choosing a place to live that is close or convenient to family and friends can go a long way toward quality of life and staying connected for the person moving into a retirement community.

Does the retirement community offer the necessary service level needed to meet the health care needs of me or my loved one?

Knowing housing and care costs are critical to know if a retirement community is affordable. Be sure to do a complete review of all the monthly expenses of any retirement community being considered for housing.

Find out what level of care services are offered for the agreed to monthly housing budget

Find out if you or your loved one qualifies for services that are publicly funded including Medicare or Medicaid.

Senior Resources

  • American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging 202.662.8690
  • Eldercare Locator 800.677.1116

Learn all you can about the answers to the questions and fact finding suggested here to make the best possible decision about housing.

Phoenix, AZ, Assisted living facility, The Palazzo, is the place to turn to for answers when it comes to when it becomes too difficult to care for your senior loved one. Nutrition and accompanying repsonsibilities of a senior family member can very hard to manage and keep with. When that happens, and at some point it will, give The Palazzo a call at 602-433-6300. 

Sundowner Seniors and How to Find a Balance

January 04, 2017 in: Phoenix Assisted Living, Independent Living Phoenix, Senior Health,

Sundowner Seniors Phoenix AZ - How to Make it Work

America now has 330 million people and out of that group 40 plus million have ongoing struggle inducing sleep disorders. On top of that, another block of 15 million people suffer from sleep issues from time to time. Most people with mental issues such as Alzheimer’s and depression struggle with sleep. Sleep has a direct impact on the positive ongoing day to day living in life of people, as well as mental and physical well being. Caregivers see the struggles and suffering with sleep of Sundowners as having a direct correlation the infliction.

Sundowners is the explanation of set of negative behavior issues with the start of it normally occurring in late afternoon and early evening. It is seen most often in people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. Seniors recovering from surgery while in the hospital start to develop Sundowners sometimes as well.  Sundowners start to behave erratically including hallucinations, agitated behavior and confusion. For family members and caregivers when a loved one starts showing “sundowning” behaviors and the associated other issues it is hard to understand, and it can be quite shocking and hard to deal with.

The “how to find a balance” helpful strategies offered here are very direct and impactful, but history has shown dealing with Sundowner seniors with this  way will improve everyone’s life and make daily care for them far better.  Do know that the strategies offered are not one size fits all and that means for your senior with Sundowners you will need adapt their care until you find a way that works best.


  • Review medications available today for people suffering from Sundowners
  • Bedroom thermostat settings need to be set at mid-range to reduce the chances of wide swings negatively impacting falling asleep or staying asleep.
  • Make your home “Sundowner Safe”. Doing this will allow them to wander at night and allow you to get a full night’s sleep.
  • Look at buying a portable potty for adults. When a Sundowner gets up to use the bathroom the chances of staying up and wandering go up significantly after using the bathroom.
  • Think about getting a pet for your Sundowner Senior. Ongoing relationships day to day and at night have a calming affect on many seniors.
  • Setting up a soothing sound machine in an Sundowner Seniors bedroom and playing it a night may help.
  • When your senior starts to act out try hand holding or hand massage. This may settle them down and stop their agitation in its tracks.
  • Set up a space for your senior to relax and mellow out.
  • Include daily day time activities. This will help smooth out the move from day to evening to night time.
  • Take caffeine off the dietary menu after the morning.
  • If possible include daily daytime exercise. This will burn off energy and help sleeping during the night.
  • Try to eliminate daytime naps. Staying up during the day will improve sleep patterns at night.
  • Turn on the lights and open the shades to enhance your senior’s sleep clock.
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