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Telling Signs It’s Time You Started Looking for Assisted Living for Your Loved One

November 26, 2018 in: Phoenix Assisted Living

According to Alzheimer’s Association, 5.7 million people are currently living with Alzheimer’s in America. This disease kills 1 in 3 seniors, which is a high rate as compared to deaths from heart attacks. The reason you opt for an assisted living facility in Phoenix, AZ, is because your hectic schedule and lack of proper treatment tool does not allow you to give your loved ones the care they deserve.

Senior citizens who are patients must be monitored closely to make sure their disease is not overtaking the days they have left to live their life. As a caregiver, when you feel like you can no longer take care of your parents, then it’s time to look into assisted living. At first, they will exhibit signs of aggression, along with glimpses of temper tantrums. When the situation starts to escalate, you know they require specialized care. As your loved one will cross the age of 70, handling them will become difficult. This is why assisted living facilities exist, where you can give your parents the comfortable environment they need to live fully and freely.

Following are three telling signs it’s time you start looking for an assisted living facility in Phoenix, AZ:

Senior Safety

Do you have the right medical equipment at home to take care of your loved one?

Do they have mobility issues requiring you to walk them from one room to another?

What if they fall?

Can they take a bath on their own?

Questions such as these put things into perspective and force you to think how you will be able to manage your professional and personal life when they demand so much attention. If they fall while you are out of the house, the consequences can be severe, even deadly. The cost of buying equipments for their safety can go above thousands of dollars. Moreover, you will have to make plenty of renovations in their room and the house to make sure they are safe while you are at work.


Perhaps the most important sign of your loved one needing the care offered at an assisted living in Phoenix, AZ, is violent and physical aggression. They might find something you say offensive, which will trigger their aggression. It can even be small things—not being able to reach a book on the shelf or having difficulty in walking.

Escalating Care Needs

If your loved one is a heart patient and is showing signs of dementia, then this is a situation you cannot handle on your own. They need constant stimulus and care to not only keep them in the present but extends their quality of life. With the right medicine and treatment, they have a better chance of surviving at the assisted living facility than at home.

As people age, they become more vulnerable to Sundowners Syndrome, which is a disease that brings on agitated behavior. This can not only cause harm to the senior but also disrupt your life. This is why when you feel your loved one is no longer receiving the love and care they deserve at home, you should admit them into an assisted living in Phoenix, AZ.

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