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How Is Technology Changing Senior Care?

January 20, 2019 in: Phoenix Assisted Living

Whether you are a professional caregiver or a family member who is taking care of a senior family member, it is important to understand that senior care and technology go hand in hand. The more the use of technology, the better you will be able to care for seniors.

Technological advancements have benefited every aspect of human life. This is the also true for senior care. By technology, we do not simply mean smartphones and other similar gadgets but the specialized gear that has been designed to help seniors and those providing senior care.

Senior care and technology make the perfect combo. Here are a few amazing ways technology has evolved senior care.

Prevention against Wandering

The elderly can injure themselves or get lost because of age-related memory loss and other cognitive conditions. Today, we have several devices to overcome this problem. Such pieces of equipment are known as wander prevention devices that work more or less like alarms. There is a wide variety of wander prevention devices with the most common types being those that are tied onto wrists and worn as pendants. These also have GPS tracking for senior patients who get lost more frequently.

Cameras to Watch and Protect Seniors

The relationship between senior care and technology has been further strengthened with the introduction of cameras in the home. It is not possible for both families and healthcare professionals to be available for watching seniors at all times. This is where cameras come into play.

Cameras have become an important part of senior care. These ‘nanny cams’ make for an amazing tool to ensure maximum safety of the elderly. The cameras can even be used to combat elderly abuse when placed in discreet spots to watch over paid caregivers, servants, and others.

Self-Care Using Smartphones

Considering the utility they provide, smartphones have become ubiquitous. They not only enable easy communication around the world but also manage your day-to-day activity and provide on-the-go entertainment. Smartphones do almost everything that we possibly need. But who knew they will even begin to take care of other important needs like quality senior care?

Apart from easy communication with the elderly, there are numerous smartphone applications that are highly beneficial for administering senior care. These apps enable you to keep up with giving medication in a timely manner, health monitoring, and looking after the elderly without being physically present.

It may seem that everything has been achieved in senior care and technology has nothing left to offer. However, this is far from true. The evolution is not stopping and one can expect more technological advancements in senior care very soon.

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