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What’s It Like Moving Into An Assisted Living Facility?

January 07, 2019 in: Phoenix Assisted Living

As your loved ones grow older, they may need constant supervision and care. Their health deteriorates and the tasks that were once easy become very challenging. It can be very hard for families to provide round the clock care for their loved ones.

That is where assisted living comes in. Assisted living facilities can be better than home for senior citizens who are battling an illness or are no longer independent. Are you planning to move your loved one into an assisted living facility and wondering what it will be like? Following are some of the things you can expect in an assisted living facility:

1. Personalized Care

Every individual has unique needs for care and supervision. While some need assistance with small tasks, others may require constant supervision. When it comes to assisted living facilities, there is no standard protocol. The caregivers make sure that each individual’s needs are answered. They pay attention to each resident in person and make sure that they remain happy and comfortable.  

2. Safety

One of the main causes of injuries in senior citizens is falling. The bones of senior citizens are more brittle and can break even from a minor fall. That could require major surgery to fix, which increases the risk of infection and even death. It is hard for family members to constantly shadow their loved ones to make sure they don’t take a fall.

Assisted living facilities have professional caregivers who make sure that they are safe. They provide constant care and surveillance and pay special attention to your loved one’s safety.

3. Social Interaction

Social interaction with adults their own age is very important. Seniors living at home interact with their children, grandchildren, and their spouse, but it is human nature to have friends who share their ideas and likes. Not to mention it promotes good mental health. Many times, adults can fall into depression if they don’t have an active social environment around them.

Assisted living facilities allow them to interact with different people and spend time talking to like-minded adults. Swapping life stories with people their own age keeps their happy memories alive.

4. Handling Emergencies

Accidents and illnesses don’t come announced. No matter how careful you are, you can’t escape them all the time. Even if you are with your loved one at the time of emergency, you will have to wait for help to arrive.

Whereas in an assisted living facility, there are emergency services available round the clock. Any emergency will be promptly and professionally handled. Assisted living facilities take the health of your loved ones very seriously.

5. Nutritious Meals

As your loved ones grow older, their appetite diminishes. They may not take care of their eating schedule and often just microwave food. We've covered a lot about the importance for seniors to have healthy gut bacteria - and that requires regular nutritious meals.

Assisted living facilities make sure that your loved ones have nutritious meals three times a day to remain fit and strong.

These are just some of the many advantages of assisted living facilities. This really is the best option for your loved ones.

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